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It all started on a snowy day in April 1982. Richard was born to a Polish immigrant and a good old boy from Saint Paul who retired after 24 years as a Police officer in his home town. Growing up, Richard was a multi-sport athlete and even by grace of god graduated from high school and spent a little time in college. After that college thing didn't work out so well, Richard moved home and did lots of od jobs to get by. Things like selling stay at home moms Kirby vacumes or frozen meat out of a van. Being the son of a cop in the capital city of Minnesota, Richard then decided that he better do something that would be good for his fellow man and enlisted in the military. Although some questioned if that was the right idea, he did it anyway. Now, into his nineteenth year in the Minnesota Army National Guard, Two deployments to the middle east, and being awarded the Combat Infantry Badge as well as the Purple Heart, he is nearing the end of his career serving his country. Richard and Stew have been partners or as they would say "BROTHERS" for many years and have chased down fugitives throughout the country together. Now, when Richard is not chasing fugitives with Stew, he is a family man with a wife and four sons. Oh, and he even got himself together enough to finish college. Richard explained that "There is no one I would rather talk shit with on the radio than my brother Stew." Well, ladies and gents let the shit-talking commence. The all-new Patrioticly Correct Radio Show, with Stew and Richard, is sure to be lots of laughs and serious conversation about all the world's troubles. "We are here to solve the world's problems, folks." They cant wait to serve you up a large cup of liberal tears. Enjoy the show.

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The PC Radio Show offers Interviews, insight and patriotic perspective on American culture and politics.

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